24h is a 24 hour long post-media/post-disciplinary event, organised by a temporary collective of young artists.

In a world which is overwhelmed by media, technology, individualism and isolation, we notice the tendency of our generation towards being more social, in touch, a part of something.

With this event/experience we wish to bring people together and create a community that is inspired, to remind ourselves and others of our common sense of humanity.

We are facilitating a process of a 24-hour collective creation. Everyone is invited to collaborate and interpret the proposition/happening in their own way, in their preferred medium. Mere presence is already influential for the surroundings.

Being able to express and to create in a carefully set-up performative atmosphere, alone or together is our goal. Escaping time, making a proposition of a different reality, where we can be "ourselves" all the time. Creating a space where everyone can be their performative selves. A playground, or better said, a laboratory of common experience and action. Improvisation is a keyword - it can happen in any media, the event itself is already an improvisation in being together.